Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aries Forecast 2009

Themes: career, work responsibilities, new friendships.

Pluto moved into Capricorn on November 26th 2008 and stays there for the next sixteen years. This means it will be transiting your tenth house sector of career, public reputation and life destiny. It is forcing you to take a closer look at your career – you need to clear the decks of anything that is no longer working for you and create more of a sense of purpose in your life. You are beginning a long-term process of uprooting and rebuilding nearly everything you have constructed in your life so far. This could involve home, family, relationships of all kinds and your goals for the future. You are probably coming to a point where you realise that the path you are on is either not fulfilling, not challenging enough for you, or you feel overwhelmed with too many problems that seem like they will never end. Something inside you craves for more usage of your deepest resources or talents. It is as if you feel that only part of your life potential is activated, and you seriously desire a more completely engaging life. You may be in danger of feeling bored or trapped. This is an uncomfortable feeling for you, because your basic nature is adventurous, and if you are bored or trapped, there is no telling what you might do on an impulse if it is strong enough.

Jupiter went into Aquarius on January 5th 2009 for the next year, which falls in your eleventh house. This is all about friendships, dreams and wishes which will be a big focus for you in the coming year. There will be lots of new friends who will expand your goals and will bring new opportunities to you. Mars goes into Aquarius in February until mid March 2009 and will be the catalyst for you to take action in all areas of your life.

Jupiter aligns with Neptune in Aquarius during 2009. Neptune deals with faith, hope, creative aspiration, film, the arts and healing. This brings hope to your eleventh house, making your dreams possible. However, it can also bring confusion, so it is important that you keep your wits about you and make sure you discern between true friends and those who are fair-weather friends who will only be with you during the good times.

Saturn in Virgo is in your sixth house until October 2009. This means you need to focus on your job skills and you may have to learn new skills. You will also need to be more focused. Saturn goes into Libra on October 29th 2009 for two and a half years. It is in the opposite sign to Aries, so the focus will be not as strongly on your job, but more on your relationships. Any relationships that are difficult – business and personal relationships – will either have to end, or you will have to work hard at them. Many will divorce, or on the other end of the scale, many of you will commit to a marriage. If you have been alone and consumed with your work, Saturn will bring more of your attention to your relationships. Saturn was in Aries about fifteen years ago which brought about a more inward cycle for you. From October 2009 it will be time to get out into the world and to transform your career and business. As the year progresses, you are going to manifest your goals or at least start to see that they are possible.

With Saturn in your sixth house, it is important that you keep up with your health maintenance and you regularly exercise and eat well. It is not a time to overindulge or to neglect your daily regime.

For the first nine months of the year, it is vital that you try to find out exactly what you want to do with your life.

In relationships, your social scene will expand, but make sure that you don’t get serious too quickly. Give yourself time and make sure you are really ready if someone wants a more committed relationship. Aries is not a sign that likes to lose its independence, so it is better to start with a friendship and to stay on that level until you are sure that you want further involvement.


Afras said...

How true! My aries girl friend of four years (ascendant scorpio 14 degrees) married me on 9th of August. On 15th she left for her home country and on 27th she called me to tell me that she can't continue this!!! Now if you read Virgo's forecast, which I'm (Libra ascendant with 18 degrees) and wherein it's written 'where unexpected might happen -which it probably will - ", and above that where it says "if you get sick there will be no traditional help". Well, I got sick with sleeping disorders and depression very seriously. Anyway, just to say all this -> so it happened. Today, on 4th of November we have finalised verbally to go for the divorce :(

Just saw all these reports when it was too late. Frankly, had i have read them before then i would have never believed because the change in her was sudden/abrupt and thus unbelievable :(

anyway, guys, probably there is some truth in it. I'm also amazed because I was reading the ascendant signs which didn't give a clear picture. However, Just now I've realised that if you read both the signs (rising sun and ascendant), make a chart for both and arrange the effects of the houses on both and mix them together, you get a perfect situation.

Afras said...

In fact like in Global positioning system that uses three satellites, if you use all three signs (natal rising sun, natal ascendant, and solar return ascendant) and if you could make all three charts and see the effects of planets on all three you will get a perfect picture of what's happening or going to happen. However, with all these geometries a hell of the intuition will be required, which in Barbara's style i would say, 'where you might go wrong - which you probably will'.
There is one last thing i would like to say, even when you zero that what's going to happen and you know it then please just accept it because for sure the claims about 'Free Will' are hoaxes. You neither have control over the circumstances yourself, nor over the so called 'Free Will' of others.
Just accept the events as they come - and probably, like me, in the end you come to the conclusion that knowing all this in advance will be even more hurtful because you will not be able to enjoy the life till that very last moment. The one that's most important in life called 'hope', you might lose that too. And, that we never want, or do we?