Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mercury Retrograde - how to make the best of it

Mercury is still retrograde until the end of January 2009. The general effect of Mercury retrograde is annoyance. Little things go wrong and frustration emerges. Anything involving communications, verbal activity, technology and short trips can be affected.

Look how Obama fluffed his lines during his inauguration - that's an example of Mercury retrograde.

I went out and bought a new computer during Mercury retrograde - I can't believe I did it - not listening to my own words - but true to form, it has needed repairs, it's been in the shop, it's noisy - and I only wish I had waited until after the retrograde period!

Definition: three or four times a year, Mercury appears to turn around and go backwards in the sky for about 3-4 weeks. It isnt really going backwards - it's an optical illusion based upon the relative speeds and orbits of the Earth and Mercury around the Sun.

Think of riding in a fast car on the motorway which is passing a slower-moving car. The slower moving car appears to be moving backward, but it isn't really .It's just the relative speed and direction of the two cars that gives that illusion. Retrograde Mercury is similar to that.

What to avoid during Mercury retrograde:
signing legal documents
closing big deals
scheduling meetings to make a bit decision

It's a good time to:
do follow ups on a project already in motion
complete a project you had already started
research a new project thoroughly
catch up on paperwork
hold and information-sharing meeting

backup your hard drive before the retrograde
avoid installing new computer software during the retrograde
do needed repairs on machinery before the retrograde

Forthcoming retrogrades in 2009-2010:
May 7th-31st 2009
September 7th - 28th 2009
December 20th 2009 - January 14th 2010

Good luck!!!

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