Thursday, January 8, 2009

Capricorn Forecast 2009

Major themes: your life purpose and destiny, your self-confidence, making money.

Pluto has been in Sagittarius, the shadow side of Capricorn for the last thirteen years. On November 26th 2008, it moved into Capricorn where it will stay for the next sixteen years. For the last thirteen years, many Capricorns have been feeling inner changes. It’s as though you have been “on hold” and this could have caused you feelings of depression. However, Pluto is coming out of the shadows now and you are coming into your own power. This is a huge turning point in your life. Some Capricorns will already be feeling the changes, while others will take a little longer to come into their own. It is important for you to know, however, that you are now in one of the most self-empowering and transformative periods of your life.

Jupiter moved into Aquarius on January 5th 2009 aligning with Neptune in your second house of money. This is a great aspect for making money. Neptune dissolves old patterns and allows new ones to be created. For the last ten years you may have been feeling nervous about your business and financial security, but with Jupiter in your second house of money, it will give you the confidence to create new ways of earning money. From February 5th to March 14th, Mars is in Aquarius, so this will be the catalyst for the Jupiter (opportunities) and Neptune (dreams) to start working for you.

You will continue to experience great gains and success in your career. Whatever projects you take on, you have the ability and the vision to complete them in a way that commands respect and appreciation from others. You show that you are truly a professional by completing these projects with a sense of great responsibility. Your efforts also continue to lead to greater income, especially if you are in control of these projects.

Saturn, your ruling planet is currently transiting your ninth house in Virgo. This relates to learning, training and long-range plans. Your goals in life are changing. On the one hand, you have a sense of how great you could be if you really wanted to push yourself to the limit. There is no limit to what you could accomplish and the changes you could affect in your world, if you were willing to make this type of commitment to any effort. On the other hand, there is also a growing compulsion to retreat form the world, and to make your life simpler and less complex. This dynamic could result in major changes in your lifestyle. You are about to enter a period of self-transformation.

As you enter this period of self-reflection, you are also going through a period of self-discovery. This leads to very creative thoughts, and maybe some very exciting new business ideas. At the same time, you find you have a lot of strength and the ability to finish major projects this year. With Saturn moving into your tenth house of career at the end of October 2009, this could be a period of success through hard work in your career over the next two and a half years.

This year could go either way in relationships. If you are content, you relationships can be stable and normal. It is not overly exciting or boring. If you are not committed fully, then you may experience many peaks and valleys this year in love. Relationships work best for you if you are committed. Some of you will want to be alone now, as this gives you the time you need to delve into your inner self and discover who you really are and what you truly want out of life. Close and intimate relationships may distract you from your goals this year. The point is that you need love, but you also need distance. Can you find the right balance? If you do, then relationships will be successful for you.

You need to be careful of taking on too many responsibilities in 2009. You may need to learn to say “no” to the many requests others make of you. Otherwise without these boundaries, you create much stress, for you are a person who takes your work commitments seriously. Make sure you get your body checked out this year. Eat well and exercise regularly and make sure you put more fun and less work into your life, or health issues could surface.

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