Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scorpio Forecast 2009

Major themes: expressing your ideas, learning new things, home and family, consolidating your plans and goals.

Your ruling planet is Pluto and when Pluto changes signs, as it did at the end of November 2008, it affects you deeply. It always signals the start of a new phase of activity. Pluto has been in Sagittarius for the last thirteen years, which has not been easy for Scorpios as the fire does not mix too well with water. However, as it is now in the earth sign of Capricorn, it is more compatible with the water of Scorpio. The last thirteen years have not been an easy time for you and with Pluto in Capricorn you will begin to feel more secure. Pluto falls into your third house so you will be expressing your ideas with more confidence. It’s a great time to do in-depth research, teaching, writing and learning.

You will continue on your path towards greater and greater self-empowerment. Your organisational skills are improving constantly and your ability to handle crises is incredible. The key to your success now is to simply move things out of your life that have no relevance, and begin to re-invent yourself.

In your work area, this could bring you unexpected proposals. Changes in your career could be very positive as long as you take the time to research these offers. Financially things can look very promising. The questions you need to ask are: is this what I want, and am I overlooking some details that are important? Something offered may not be exactly as it was presented. You are in a period of opportunities that can seem attractive, but also in a period in which there may be exaggerations and inflations of possibilities. You need to check out the details carefully. If you make an error in judgment, it could be very costly.

With Jupiter moving into Aquarius on January 5th 2009 for the next year, it will be in your fourth house. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and luck, so it could bring both endings and new beginnings in your home area. It will be a new chapter of opportunities coming to you at home. It could mean working from home and not needing to travel to make money. Neptune aligns with Jupiter this year, so your dreams and wishes about home and family could well come to pass.

Saturn went into Virgo in the fall of 2009 and stays there until the end of October 2009. At the moment it is in your eleventh house which deals with your dreams, goals and aspirations. You will feel that your goals and dreams are starting to become a reality. There could be some endings in friendships that no longer serve you. There will be opportunities for transformations and healing.

In your relationships, your powers of attraction remain strong in 2009. New people can turn into new friends or new romances, whichever you prefer. The key for relationships to work out for you this year is honesty. However, you may find that this is quite a challenge. There is a danger of deception about the nature of a relationship in your life.

Basically there are two things happening in relationships and love. One is exciting and new. It makes you feel good about yourself and more confident. The other is confusing and perhaps deceptive, and may cause you anxiety and stress. This one is taking place also in the home area and may involve a family member and an aspect of avoidance or deception. The basis for a healthy relationship in each case, however, is trust. This is what you seek and this is what you need to convey in all your relationships at this time. Without trust, you lose your power. There is no lack of attracting relationships this year. The challenge is to attract those you can trust. If you are single, it is a great year to meet new people, but make sure they are emotionally available to you.

You may be a bit lazy in taking care of yourself healthwise. You do need to take care of your diet, otherwise an imbalance could leave you feeling tired and anemic. Make sure you are getting enough minerals in your diet, especially iron. Are you working too hard? You may simply need more rest.

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