Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sagittarius Forecast 2009

Main themes: gaining more self-confidence, making your career more secure, selling your ideas.

Pluto, the planet of utter transformation has been in Sagittarius, your sign, for the last thirteen years. All Sagittarians have been going through big changes during this period. At last, Pluto moved out of Sagittarius on November 26th 2008 and many Sagittarians will already feel as though a heavy pressure has been released. You have had a major learning period and have certainly had to change many areas of your life and your thinking. Now Pluto is in your second house for the next sixteen yours. This will bring changes to the way you make money. You will want to sort out your earning capacity once and for all and much of your energy and time will go into make secure investments for the future. This could be in the form of learning new skills in order to further your career, or coming up with incredible ideas which can earn you regular and even multiple streams of income.

Saturn has been in Virgo since the fall of 2007 and stays there until the end of October 2009. It is therefore in your tenth house of career meaning that this is a great time to clarify your business objectives. This is a culmination of a thirty year time period which could mean endings and new beginnings in your career goals.

Jupiter, the sign of good fortune and abundance, went into Aquarius on January 5th 2009 where it stays for the rest of the year. It is in your third house of communications, sales, writing, teaching, learning and making new friends in your community. This is a great year for all these activities and with Jupiter there, you will find there will be an abundance of learning, teaching and sharing those skills throughout the year. It’s also a good time for taking some short trips. Neptune aligns with Jupiter during 2009, which will make you very creative especially in the arts: music, acting, poetry, writing and also giving you the ability to come up with some inspired ideas.

With Pluto in your second house of money, Saturn in your tenth house of career and Jupiter with Neptune in your third house of ideas, this is a great year for bringing it all together. You can make more money and gain more self-confidence and start making your mark in the world. There will be opportunities to increase your income, especially in sales.

The challenge to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and make wise decisions in the face of suddenly changing circumstances is a major test for most Sagittarians these days. As a mutable and fire sign, you are by nature adaptable and optimistic. However, you may also be impetuous in the face of these sudden and unexpected events that derail your plans. Rather than thinking out a plan that considers longer-term consequences, you may be more apt to seek quick solutions that don’t really solve the problem. This is caused by Uranus, the planet of sudden change being in opposition to your Sun in Sagittarius. You need to seriously consider the consequences of different decisions that are available. You may be looking for someone to come to your rescue, and perhaps they will with Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. But is that enough? It will be if you haven’t taken excessive risks and compounded losses with one bad decision after another.

Despite the series of unexpected events that arise in your life, you are still able to pick yourself up and create opportunities through your ability to present yourself as positive and hopeful about the future.

There could be many changes in your relationships. This is not a particularly stable year as far as relationships are concerned. Your independent streak will be quite strong, and it will be important for you to communicate clearly to those you love about the changes that are going on within you. Otherwise your closest contacts are liable to see you behaving erratically and feelings could get hurt by not sharing with them.

In the area of romance, 2009 can be quite exciting. Your charm and smile may win you the affection of someone you are strongly attracted to. Be aware, however, that many of you are not ready for a long-term commitment just yet.

Your nerves will need taking care of this year. Events happen so suddenly and without warning that you are prone to stress this year. Meditation and relaxation will work wonders for you. By practicing simple breathing techniques for about twenty minutes a day, you can minimise your stress levels and protect your nervous system.

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