Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pisces Forecast 2009

Main themes: attaining your goals and dreams, turning points in career, work and relationships.

Pluto moved into Capricorn at the end of 2008 and is there for the next sixteen years. This is a compatible sign to Pisces so you will find that your energies flow more easily now. It is transiting your eleventh house of hopes, dreams, friendships – your goals are changing and your friends are changing too. Or at least the quality of your friendships are changing.

It will be another wild and crazy year for Pisces, as Uranus continues its transit through your sun sign until 2010. This brings both excitement and sudden, unexpected, events into your life. Saturn is in Virgo until the end of October 2009, which is in opposition to transiting Uranus, so this could be positive in terms of reaching a peak in your career, but it can also bring some anxiety about the future.

Plans will not unfold as you expect and this will require you to be very flexible, adapting quickly to new situations. New people, new responsibilities, new skills being learned, are all part of the positive things that you may experience. But the prospect of so many things happening that you did not anticipate can lead to moments of great stress and worry too. You don’t like to be forced to rush things in your life, and these events may make you feel hurried and pressured.

Jupiter is in Aquarius all through 2009, which is in your twelfth house of healing, charity, helping others and going inwards. This aligns with Neptune which brings hope, altruism and generosity. You may find yourself becoming involved with helping people in need, or helping within your community in some way. There could be creative work behind the scenes involving film, music, drama or painting. Jupiter moves into Pisces in 2010 and it is at this time you will find your success in the outer world. 2009 will be about the dreams and visions you see for yourself and the world, while in 2010 you can achieve what you want in the outer world.

There could be a turning point in your career. Something is changing, either because of new skills you are learning which make your work even more excellent, or due to circumstances outside of your control which force you to make changes in your work.

You may want to be careful about new offers proposed to you. They sound good and they may mean more income. But they also may involve a lot more work than you want to commit to. As far as financial matters, you may be feeling quite confused these days. Therefore, you may need to find a trusty financial advisor – someone you know is honest and won’t take advantage of you. All this is setting you up for 2010 which holds the promise of an even better year financially for you.

This can be a year of turning points in relationships as well. With Saturn in your seventh house of relationships until the end of October 2009, you may fall in love quickly, but you may fall out of love quickly this year. Long term relationships may encounter more than their usual share of crisis, and may become so difficult that you have no choice but to end them.

If you are in a long-term relationship, like marriage, then you may be feeling the urge to break free. This is a year where separation is possible. But you may be in great conflict about this, for a part of you doesn’t like to be alone. The fear of being along could compel you to try to make up and rekindle the love that was once there. But chances are it is over, and it is time for you to begin a new chapter in your life. Once you accept that, you will find you can meet some exciting people. But emotionally you may not be ready yet for a commitment or real intimacy. It may take a while for you to get there, so be patient with yourself.

If you are single, this year can be filled with great fun and excitement. You can try things you never tried before and find them fascinating and adventurous.

You have to watch your health this year, especially for issues related to worry and stress. Meditation and relaxation can be very helpful, so will rides or walks through beautiful parts of nature. These things can calm your mind and inspire you to clearer thoughts.

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