Thursday, January 8, 2009

Virgo Forecast 2009

Major themes: creativity, job opportunities, hard work toward your goals, feeling more secure.

Pluto moved into Capricorn on November 26th 2008 where it will stay for approximately sixteen years. This is an earth sign like Virgo and is highly compatible with Virgo. It has been in Sagittarius for the last thirteen years which has been very stressful for many Virgos. The next sixteen years will be a better flow for you as Pluto is in your fifth house of creativity, play, romance, self empowerment and finding your unique identity. The North Node, which is a karmic aspect, moves into Capricorn on August 22nd 2009 for two years, so you will find that you begin to feel much more in alignment with your life. It will not feel as disjointed as it has been feeling for the past several years.

Now is the time to make changes in your life and build something that is going to last. There is a real tug of war going on within you and perhaps in your external world too. On the one hand, you feel inspired to do something great. You have a great idea, maybe even a brilliant one because you are naturally very smart. On the other hand, there seems to be something holding you back. Maybe it is a sense of duty and responsibility to something or someone you have been involved with for some time. You can’t just leave it easily. Or maybe it is a lack of money. You can’t just set up a new business without enough capital. Or maybe it is lack of time. Whatever it is you want to do requires a long-term commitment, and you are not sure you want to make that type of commitment yet.

Saturn went into Virgo in the fall of 2007and is there until the end of October 2009. Having Saturn in your natal sign has meant that you have had to work extremely hard on yourself, your attitudes and your life in general. It probably feels as though nothing has come easily to you. It is a very karmic time and you do need to learn the lessons that are being shown to you. There have probably been some endings and goodbyes during this period, but these are turning points that will lead you to more nourishing friendships and work. When Saturn goes into Libra on October 29th 2009, you will probably breathe a huge sigh of relief as you will feel much of the heaviness drop away from your shoulders. At this point, Saturn is in your second house of money and finances for two and a half years. This will give you the opportunity to build more financial security for yourself and to nail down your money-making efforts. You will have to work hard, but this is nothing new to you Virgos, but you will be rewarded for your efforts. You may take on more responsibility in your work or you may change jobs or roles within your existing work.

Jupiter the planet of good fortune, moved into Aquarius on January 5th 2009. This means it is in your sixth house for the next year. This will be helpful with your health and you may even start to have so much more fun that you may gain weight, but not for too long as your Virgo mentality takes good care of your health anyway. Neptune aligns with Jupiter during 2009 making you feel more hopeful and inspired around your work.

Neptune in Aquarius is in your sixth house of health, so if you do get sick, the traditional medical profession will be unable to find anything. It is best that you find natural solutions and tune into your own body and listen to what it is trying to tell you. You may experience fatigue, so make sure that you take time out. Don’t overwork and ensure that you relax. Stretching and breathing are good for you.

This year will be a turning point for you. You are coming out of a period of much stress and you will be bringing more balance into your life. You need to give yourself permission to start enjoying yourself more, to lighten up a bit and not to worry so much.

In relationships, you may decide that you want your freedom. Things will be coming to a head. You will need to be upfront and honest with your emotions and needs. The key for you is not to panic if the unexpected happens – which it probably will. Just remember this is a crucial year for you and you are moving into a new fifteen year cycle when you will be making yourself into a better person than you ever imagined.


Vijay said...

Thanks Barbara. By reading your article I am now inspired to face the future with determination.


saras said...

Dear Barbara
Your forecast is the best I've read so far. It's honest, compassionate and generous in that you've given us understanding.

Do you do monthly forecasts? I'd like to know, for instance, what's happening with my aging parents and if there's a big move in the horizon.

Warm regards