Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pluto in Capricorn - more predictions

Pluto moved into Capricorn on November 26th 2008 and stays there for the next 15-16 years. This is a new cycle we have moved into and already the effects of it are showing.

I predicted that it would mean a new way of looking at death, our old people and reincarnation.

Recently, the monarch of Luxemburg vetoed the decision of Parliament to legalise euthanasia. This was an amazing step, as he has no rights to do this. It shows, how this issue is coming to the forefront of activity in many countries. Add to this the fact that the BBC recently filmed the assisted suicide of Craig Ewitt - Live on Air. He had to go to Switzerland to do it legally - but it was shown on tv.

More of these events will be coming to the forefront in the months and years to come. There will be those that wish to keep the situation as it is and not help people to die who wish to - and those who wish to break out of this, and new legislation will be enforced in forward thinking countries. What you can expect is that there will be more interest in this subject and it will become more mainstream.

Also our understanding and interest in death and dying will increase. It will not be stuffed down and into the background out of fear, but it will come out more into the open. It will be a time for the wisdom (Capricorn) to be unearthed (Pluto) about reincarnation and the veil between the two worlds will be lifted. More and more people will be able to tune into the new vibrations that will show that there is really no end, but a continuation.

Our old people, who in the main are not treated very well in our communities will be the subject of much more concern. After all, the baby-boomers are soon reaching retirement age - and there will be so many of them - this will be an area of focus and there will be an opportunity to bring more fairness and equality into the system. Where there has been a lack of integrity, it will be brought into the open,and new structures can be put into place that serve both the old people and their families.

Exciting and interesting times ahead!

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